It’s early October… the Halloween decorations are out, football has started, pumpkin spice is back and leaves are beginning to fall. Autumn is in full swing and you are ready to enjoy the season! At this point, you are probably wondering when you can stop mowing your lawn and focus on the fun. We challenge you to pause a moment and think about your lawn maintenance whether it is for a residential lawn or commercial property.

In the fall, we recommend aerating your lawn and over-seeding, or slit-seeding and applying gypsum with your aeration for the best results.

Core aeration enhances thatch breakdown. When you have excess thatch present in your lawn it will restrict the amount of air, water, and fertilizer that reach the grass root zone. This means your lawn will not get the proper nutrients or basic living requirements to be healthy. Through aeration, the microbes present in the soil are deposited on top of the lawn in each plug that is removed. The microbes will naturally break down the thatch layer and keep it a manageable level. This will ensure your lawn will be as green and healthy as possible.

An important reminder as winter approaches, it is necessary to prepare your irrigation system for the cold weather before it freezes. For the sprinkler winterization, our Service Technician will turn off the water to the sprinkler system and back drain the plumbing before the backflow. They will use a towable air compressor to clear all the irrigation lines of water. In Kansas City, we sometimes experience below-freezing temperatures by the beginning of November.

We recommend having your irrigation system winterized by the end of October to make sure the system will be safeguarded against freeze damage. It’s not too late to prepare for new, beautiful, green grass. Your lawn will thank you. Call JOCO Lawn & Turf today to get your aeration scheduled. 913-522-0880.

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