Lawn aeration is the mechanical process of removing small plugs of grass and dirt from your lawn with a core aerator. We recommend aerating your lawn in the spring and fall for the best results. You should make this a normal part of your lawn maintenance program whether it is a residential lawn or a commercial property. Your lawn will thank you.

Your lawn is being compacted daily. Normal foot traffic, pets, and lawn mowers contribute to this. Since you can’t keep people off your lawn or stop mowing, the best solution is core aeration. By removing plugs of dirt you give the existing grass a great place to spread their roots. The holes that are created in your lawn provide no resistance for the grass roots to grow into and spread. The result is a stronger and healthier root system. What you will notice over time is a lawn that is lush, green, and healthy. Of course, you still need to take care of other aspects of lawn care such as fertilizing, watering, and mowing. Aeration is only one important part to your lawn maintenance program.

Core aeration enhances thatch breakdown. When you have excess thatch present in your lawn it will restrict the amount of air, water, and fertilizer that reach the grass root zone. This means your lawn will not get the proper nutrients or basic living requirements to be healthy. Through aeration, the microbes present in the soil are deposited on top of the lawn in each plug that is removed. The microbes will naturally break down the thatch layer and keep it a manageable level. This will ensure your lawn will be as green and healthy as possible.

Aerating also helps with runoff and pooling problems. Since aeration helps reduce soil compaction it will allow water to drain more easily into the ground. Less compaction in your lawn will keep puddles from forming as easily as they once did. It will also reduce the amount of water runoff. When the water is allowed to penetrate the ground more efficiently the rain will be absorbed instead of overflowing. You will be able to use natural irrigation more efficiently and save money on your water bill.

In the spring, aerating is a great way to jump start your lawn. It gives the roots some extra space to stretch out and get a little more air, water, and fertilizer. This adds to the overall health of the lawn. In the spring, we recommend applying gypsum (calcium sulfate) along with the aeration for maximum results. In the fall, we recommend overseeding, or slit-seeding and applying gypsum with your aeration for the best results.

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