‘Winter Is Upon Us’… unlike Game of Thrones you do not have to worry about the ‘White Walkers’. However, if you are a landlord or business owner and have a commercial property, SAFETY may be a
concern during the winter months. Besides the risk of injuries, there are many reasons why the job must be done effectively and efficiently.

You can avoid breaking city ordinances and getting hefty fines for not having clear walkways. You can also avoid accidental slips and falls that will cost you and your insurance company. JOCO
Snow & Ice Management is here to help you maintain your parking lot, sidewalks and entryways even in the harshest winter conditions.


In extreme conditions with ice, JOCO Snow will provide salting. How much snow you get, how often it falls and how long it stays determines what services you need. JOCO Snow has the manpower and
equipment to get the job done anywhere you need in Johnson County, KS.

We handle multi-family dwellings like apartment complexes, as well as, commercial properties. Having a professional removal service clear your property will keep your tenants and/or employees safe.

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