We only use certified grass seed in our applications. This means that the grass seed has been quality tested and the content is correct. If the label indicates the seed is 99% pure and free of weed seeds, that is what you will get. Our lawn specialists will spread the seed uniformly across the lawn at the rate needed for your lawn. This will help to thicken the lawn and fill in bare spots.

Overseeding promotes new growth into your existing lawn. These new grass seeds are continually being improved to resist disease, insects, and improve drought tolerance. Seed specialists spend countless hours developing these super seeds to produce lusher, greener lawns in harsher conditions. With regular overseeding you will have a healthy lush green lawn. The best time to overseed is in the fall along with your aeration. We recommend seeding every fall for the best results. By using the best equipment our highly trained technicians are able to apply the seed properly on your lawn.


Our slit-seeding service provides the most effective seed to soil contact. Our slit-seeding machine uses a row off blades to cut a slit in the ground. This increases seed to soil contact and a higher germination rate. Slit-seeding also decreases the washout of new seed and fertilizer, which allows the seed and fertilizer to penetrate the soil. We also handwork seed into the edges of the lawn where the machine cannot maneuver. If you are looking for the best seed to soil contact available, our slit-seeding service can provide that for you.

For more information on lawn mowing please call JOCO Lawn & Turf at 913-522-0880 or contact us online and see what we can do for you! We provide seeding is available in Shawnee, Overland Park, Leawood, Olathe, Lenexa, Mission Hills and Prairie Village.

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