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Over-Seeding Programs

Aeration with Basic Over-Seeding

Aeration with Slit-Seeding

Aeration  Slit-Seeding  Rake Bare Spots

Dethatch  Aeration  Slit-Seeding Rake Bare Spots  Straw

10% Off 4 Star Package
When you Purchase Seed & Fertilizer

Mowing & Trimming

Seasonal mowing
Trimming and edging
Clean up and bagging


 Drop seed in shallow slit
 Decrease new seed and
    fertilizer washout
 Increase seed and soil contact

Snow Removal

Residential Snow Removal for Driveways, Parking lots and Sidewalks. We also provide Ice Melt. Let us take care of all of your snow removal needs while you relax in the warmth of your home.


Free Aeration for New Mowing Customers!!!

Sign up for Seasonal Weekly Mowing and recieve a FREE Fall Aeration.

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Johnson County Lawn Care is now JOCO Lawn & Turf, same great service with a new name.


 Increase over-seeding
 Increase drought,
   disease resistance
 Deeper root growth
 Increase fertilizer intake
 Decrease soil density

Did you know the best way to prevent thatch is through annual aeration?

For best over-seeding results you should dethatch followed by aeration and then slit-seeding...


 Lifts existing thatch
 Relieves thick lawns
 Increases over-seeding

Group Discount

Special discounted prices for groups with 4 or more lawns scheduled for service on the same date.

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